I-heartyoga Yoga

Feel the Pulse: anatomy, asana and inquiry

with Swami Durgananda and Special Guest, Dr Carmel Crock

The universe beats like a cosmic heart.
The pulsation is on the macrocosmic level, in which it unfolds our universe,
holds it in place and then withdraws it after many millions of years;
and on the microcosmic level in which the same pulsation takes place in every nanosecond with the creation of every thought and the beating of the human heart.

Deepen your knowledge of the heart by exploring it through experiential anatomy and yoga practices. The physical body is pulsating energy. It is pure consciousness vibrating at different frequencies. Awaken the heart by bringing your awareness to it and learning about its form and function.  

During this workshop we will be exploring:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the heart
  • The relationship between the physical heart and feeling
  • Heart centred yoga practices
  • Common cautions for people with heart conditions

This workshop will include theory and practice; it is designed for yoga teachers and dedicated students who wish to deepen their knowledge and explore the wonders of the human form.

Swami Durgananda is an ordained swami in the Saraswati order, taking sannyas in 2009 in Ganeshpuri, India. A student of yoga since 1995, she is recognised as a Master Yoga Teacher, teaching asana, meditation and Self-inquiry, as well as training yoga teachers since 2005.  

Durgananda’s teaching integrates the many different aspects of yoga; she encourages her students to explore the connections and relationships between body, mind, heart, breath, energy and awareness. She believes a true yoga practice is filled with Shakti (spiritual energy) and, by manifesting this energy, you can transform your life.

Dr Carmel Crock is an internationally recognised physician in patient safety and diagnosis. In addition to her qualifications as a medical practitioner, Carmel has degrees in language, literature and music. Her extensive knowledge of western medicine brings insight and contemporary relevance to yoga.



I Heart Yoga

Anatomy & Asana Workshop

Sunday July 10