Discover your Alignment

An introduction to, & exploration of yoga asana

6-week course with Swami Durgananda 

Suitable for yoga beginners and practitioners wishing to take an unhurried approach to asana practice.

We are always in motion, we feel and experience different things. Sometimes the body feels alive and spacious, sometimes it feels restricted and dull. Moment to moment, the body responds and develops patterns and habits. Some create comfort, some create discomfort; some propel us forward, and some block our movement.

Use yoga as a backdrop to explore how to create more comfort, ease, strength and power in your body.

In this 6-week course, experiment and learn how to use yoga to reconnect with your original self. 

Along the way asking questions:

What’s going on here, in this moment, in this space?
As you move into a pose, how does it feel?
Where does your body like it? Where does it feel good?
Where does it feel uncomfortable, blocked or weak?
What happens as you move around in the posture, as you place your awareness in different parts of your body? What is your body telling you?
How do you respond in order to create and maintain the space of good feeling?


Discover your Alignment

6-week course commences
October 11th
Wednesdays 6-7pm




Classes are small and specialise in individual attention.