Love your body. Love yourself. Its time to do yoga. 
The Space of Good Feeling offers classes for all ages and levels of fitness. And we can even come to you.

Bhavana Yoga

Meditation in motion…..

The Space of Good Feeling teaches Bhavana Yoga which explores consciousness and increases self-awareness through using your physical body. Bhavana Yoga combines static and dynamic postures linked by the breath, together with natural alignment techniques to create a feeling of flow and energy.

These techniques release physical and subtle blocks, returning the body to its ideal natural state and producing a sense of wellbeing on every level.  Bhavana Yoga springs from an authentic lineage, so the goal of your yoga practice becomes something much deeper than just creating a body that looks and feels good. It is a practice that leads you to a deeper sense of your true Self.

At The Space of Good Feeling we do not focus on finding the perfect pose; rather it is about finding the perfect pose for you. We understand that each person is unique in their experiences of a posture, and we all have different needs at different times. We encourage people to explore their own bodies and we teach them the tools to recognise what they require at any moment in time.

When you are in touch with your true inner-Self you are in a natural state of being, where your body, mind and heart function at their greatest capacity, where they are balanced and working together in unison. The practise of yoga helps to establish this balance between strength and flexibility, energy and peace, movement and stillness bringing your body and inner experience into harmony with the world around you.

Classes begin and end with relaxation, giving students time to become present to their bodies and to integrate the benefits of the practice into every level of their being. We want you to take the experience of being “on the mat” into your world, helping you to live your life from a place of greater peace and energy.


The Benefits

Burn your karma not just fat

The benefits from practicing yoga are multi-faceted; they extend mental physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Some of these include:

Greater strength and flexibility
More peace and energy
Less stress and anxiety
Increased understanding of your body
More harmony in the relationship between your body and its environment
A deeper understanding of the mind body connection
Blocked emotions released and stress reduced

Your body is made up
of five elements.
It can be
big or small, 
young or old;
But the Self within
is ageless 
and deathless.
As you practice yoga,
experience this Self.


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