As you learn about yourself your awareness and ability to relate to others with love and compassion grows.
Use this understanding to become the best teacher you can be.

Yoga Teacher Training

Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training

Discover the yoga teacher within

This course is an exciting journey of self-discovery and transformation to become a Bhavana Yoga teacher. Get to know yourself and accept yourself in the deepest way possible.

Bhavana Yoga is more than just a physical practice, it is a method that leads you to the inner Self, your true nature. Through Self-knowledge, you will learn to teach effectively with love, wisdom and compassion.

Bhavana Yoga Teacher training integrates the body mind and heart, aligning each person with their highest nature and teaching them how to be comfortable within themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. Learn through your own experience, by intuitively exploring asanas in a fun and non-competitive environment under the guidance of well-trained instructors.

This course is 200hr and runs over twelve months. 

Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen your love of yoga

Deepen and explore the conversation you began when you embarked on your teacher training journey. Build on your yogic knowledge and further develop practical ways to expand your teaching repertoire. This course is also suitable for graduates from other training courses in order to bring their training hours to 350.

This course is 150hrs and runs over twelve months. 

Continuing Education Programs

Explore infinite possibilities

The Space of Good Feeling offers continuing education programs to all yoga teachers. The programs are designed to:

Support our graduate teachers, as well as other yoga teachers
Extend yoga teachers’ knowledge and understanding of different areas of yogic studies
Continue the journey of self-discovery, transformation and spiritual growth
Reinforce their skills and experience in teaching/ learning about yoga

The programs run as small electives and participants can chose which topics interest them. Each unit is usually of 2 to 4 weeks duration and of an easily manageable number of hours, usually 7.5 or 15 hours. These can be studied as a stand-alone unit or be built into an area of yoga specialisation:

Yoga Philosophy
Asana Discovery
Self Inquiry

Bhavana Yoga Training programs are registered with Yoga Alliance Australia


Yoga Teacher Training

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YAA accredited Teacher Training course

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Yoga Teacher Training

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