Become happier and more peaceful by learning the ancient art of meditation.
Apply the modern techniques of Self-inquiry meditation and enliven your daily life.

Learn to Meditate

Discover peace wisdom and aliveness within

Our four-week, practical course will start you on your meditation journey or refresh your practice if you are an experienced meditator. Explore different techniques and find the one that works most effectively for you. Techniques include:

Guided chakra meditation
Mantra meditation
Breath meditation
Meditation in the world: how to use meditation in your daily life 

Private Sessions

The course is also available as one-on-one or small group private sessions, held over three weeks, which we can arrange to suit your schedule.


If you are unable to attend in person, private sessions are available via Skype.


Self-inquiry Meditation

Every answer is within you. Day-to-day we gather all kinds of impressions and these impressions are stored inside of us. Some are pleasant and others are unpleasant. Learn how to expand pleasant feelings and to release unpleasant blocks by listening to the voice of the Self. Ask questions into your inner world and invoke the profound wisdom of the inner Self.

Self-inquiry sessions are available as private sessions in person or over skype. We also run regular group sessions.

Weekend Retreat


June 16-18
Point Lonsdale
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4 week course

Begins 8 March
Cost: $165



Learn to Meditate

Private Sessions

3 sessions at a time to suit you
Cost: $165



Wednesdays 7-8.30pm
Cost:  $20 /$16conc

Private Sessions

At a time to suit you
Cost: $65


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