Meowsings from Hamsa Bandit Spanda Katikas, the cat on the (yoga) mat

To my great delight I am finally allowed to participate in programs at the Space of Good Feeling: Yoga and Meditation, Maribyrnong. Durgananda (my Swami mummy) said I could attend if I was well behaved. Personally I think my behaviour is always exceptional, especially for a cat! This week I attended yoga and Self-inquiry. Self-inquiry Group (a meditation-type group that explores the relationship between thought and feeling) was a little awkward to begin with. I
Let me begin by introducing myself. At the start of this year I had the extreme good fortune of being adopted by Swami Durgananda and moving into the Yoga and Meditation Centre: The Space of Good Feeling in Maribyrnong. I had no idea when I attached myself to her at the cat rescue centre that I was about to embark on a spiritual journey. I just knew that she was the human for me. Durgananda