Meowsings from Hamsa Bandit Spanda Katikas, the cat on the (yoga) mat

Last night was Shiva Process night at the Maribyrnong Centre for Yoga and Meditation. I didn’t want to go. I was all curled up on the bed and feeling very warm, and very lazy. I had had a very hard day, exploring the outer terrain of the Maribyrnong Centre and the local comings and goings. Durgananda asked me if I was coming to the group and I just rolled over and ignored her. I know
I’ve noticed that Durgananda wears a lot of orange. She has a fabulous orange shawl with dangly bits on it that I love to chase and chew on. When she’s not wearing the shawl and I can find it, I try to rip the dangly bits off. I know I’ll get in trouble for this, but it is too much fun to resist. I used to think Durgananda wore orange because she likes the colour
Yesterday evening Durgananda went out and left me behind! Can you believe that? She said she had to go to Satsang and it wasn’t an appropriate place for cats. I thought “that is ridiculous, I can go wherever she is going and Satsang is definitely something I would like to attend”. After all, I am very good at sitting and singing and I’ve heard that there is great chanting at Satsang. I tried very hard
Today I’d like to tell you about hatha yoga. Getting into the yoga class was a little harder than getting into the Self-inquiry group. I think it is usually the other way around for humans. Durgananda has been running a Back to Basics Yoga course and I really wanted to attend. Luckily for me, when she asked the other participants – on my behalf – if I could attend, they all said yes. I joyfully
To my great delight I am finally allowed to participate in programs at the Space of Good Feeling: Yoga and Meditation, Maribyrnong. Durgananda (my Swami mummy) said I could attend if I was well behaved. Personally I think my behaviour is always exceptional, especially for a cat! This week I attended yoga and Self-inquiry. Self-inquiry Group (a meditation-type group that explores the relationship between thought and feeling) was a little awkward to begin with. I