Meowsings from Hamsa Bandit Spanda Katikas, the cat on the (yoga) mat

For a long time now, I really wanted to be initiated into the Siddha lineage from an awakened teacher. Durgananda’s teacher, Swami Shankarananda, holds weekend Intensive programs where he gives Shaktipat - the transmission or awakening of spiritual energy. I’ve heard that once the awakening has been received, meditation becomes much easier, (you get less distracted by the birds and the possums). Some time back I tried to give myself Shaktipat, by playing with peacock
Self-inquiry is all about inner investigation and I love investigation of all sorts. Being a cat, this is one of my fortes. If there is something that catches my interest I love nothing more than to investigate it further. So, Self-inquiry is one of my favourite activities, one that I take extremely seriously. The Self-inquiry process is to go into your inner world and work with any uncomfortable feeling in order to release that horrible
Durgananda has been working very hard with Dr Carmel putting together a workshop about the heart. It has been tremendously interesting watching them compile and make so many connections between yoga and science. I have been helping. Yes, I know I’m only a cat but Natji says I have an extremely big heart and cuddles me whenever he can. So I know that my good feeling has been supporting the creation process. Did you know
Durgananada and Natji left me all by myself for the whole day! That was horrible. I felt so lonely and bored. Then, being a very ingenious cat, I came up with a wonderful idea. As usual, I wanted to go with them but, as I’m a cat, there are many programs I am not allowed to attend.  This particular program was a shaktipat meditation Intensive at the Ashram. I really wanted to go because, if
Meditation comes very naturally to me because I am a cat.  When I first began to meditate I thought I was just taking a little cat nap. Then, after attending Durgananda’s meditation courses, I began to realise that I was actually meditating. I was going deep into myself, beyond my claws and under my fur, and connecting with the part of me that is full of love and energy and is in a constant state