The Space of Good feeling is dedicated to assisting people to develop a rich inner life through the ancient practices of hatha yoga, meditation and self-inquiry. We also assist people to deal with their outer world in ways that are less stressful and more dynamic and happy.

Swami Durgananda

Durgananda teaches with warmth, creativity and authenticity. Her classes emphasise creating harmony between the moving, thinking and feeling centres of being.

Students learn how to listen to their body and innerworld as they explore flowing vinyasas, naturally aligned static postures, breathing techniques and deep relaxations.

Her teaching encourages exploring the connections and relationships between body, mind, heart, breath, energy and awareness.

Durgananda believes that:

Yoga and meditation empowers. It uplifts. It teaches each person how to listen to their own inner voice and follow the inner energy, known in Sanskrit as the Shakti.

The key to yoga and meditation is finding a practice that works for each person, as everyone is unique and their lives are changing moment to moment.

Yoga and meditation is all about being conscious of these movements – within and without – and learning different techniques in order to become more Self-aware.

A complete yoga integrates the peace, wisdom and aliveness found ‘on the mat’ into everyday living.

Durgananda has been studying and practising yoga and meditation since 1995, following a daily schedule of meditation, yoga, self-inquiry, chanting, study and service. She spent over 15 years living and working in the Shiva Ashram, with her teacher, MM Swami Shankarananda and Devi Ma. She now heads the Yoga and Meditation School, Bhavana Rakho, the space of good feeling.


Vande vicitrarthapadam citram tam gurubharatim
Spanda Karikas 4:1

I pay homage to that wonderful speech of my Guru, which is like a boat for crossing the fathomless ocean of doubt and is full of words, which yield wonderful meaning. I offer my reverential prayer to spanda (energy) in the form of paravak (divine speech), the supreme divine I-Consciousness, which acts like a boat in crossing the fathomless ocean of doubt regarding my essential nature.


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